10 Parishes Festival of visual and performing arts

Lucy Pendrick

The Whispering Wild

The Fabled Folk

I was a child that dreamt amongst the leaves and ached to feel my bare warm toes in cool mud. Nature was my ever-generous treasure chest, gifting me sweet finds of nibbled nuts and pearlescent shells. I would store them for quiet admiration in used matchboxes and discarded camera film cases.

My struggles through my young life were always softened by the blackbird’s song. Nature ran deep in my veins and I loved it wholeheartedly. As I grew up my confidence slowly retreated, hiding itself beneath a fortress of brambles in my soul. I was constantly wandering my place, never fitting in. I daydreamed about frosty morning fields for most of my teenage years.

After applying myself to many jobs that never quite felt right, I realised that my release was to come home and create the wonders I had seen. Could I possibly turn this passion into something that feeds me? just as nature had done for my soul for all those years. I worried that with no formal training I would dissolve into the background but once more she was there to reassure me that she is my college of wild. So I simply began and with it the brambles that for so long encased my confidence began to flower. So that is how I find myself sat by the fire in my studio beneath the trees with a shelf full of treasures, Telling stories of the creatures I have met along my journey and bringing them to life with watercolour, wool and words.

Event Type: Open Studio and exhibition


Parish:  Milverton

Artist Contact

Email: thewhisperingwild@gmail.com 

Mobile: 07857 508937

Web Address: www.thewhisperingwild.co.uk

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Visit the Festival from 11th-19th September 2021

The 2019 Festival has now passed, and what a blast we all had!

The Festival will return in September 2021.

The Street Market and Carnival will return in September 2021.

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The Whispering Wild Studio, White Post Nursery, Langford Budville, Taunton, Somerset TA21 0RW

Directions:Follow directions for the White Post Nursery or Café, which will bring you through the village of Langford Budville.  Turning up the driveway to the nursery, continue until you reach the car park, where my studio can be found on the right hand side as you enter.

Opening times

Saturday 11:

Sunday 12:

Monday 13:

Tuesday 14:

Wednesday 15:

Thursday 16:

Friday 17:

Saturday 18:

Sunday 19:

Venue Information

Disabled Access: Limited disabled access. Narrow door and small step to gain entry.

Toilets available

Dogs allowed

Refreshments: at White Post Café

Parking: On site