Wiveliscombe Street Market at Wiveliscombe Town Centre on Sunday 11th September 

General Regulations and Site Conditions

General Conditions

1. Stall-holders shall comply with any recommendations/advice given to them by the Event Manager.

2. Stall-holders shall have a valid Public Liability insurance policy to the satisfaction of the Event Manager and shall produce a valid certificate of such insurance at any time upon request.

3. Trading may only take place on Sunday 11th September 2022 between the hours of 10.00 am and 5.00pm.

4. All goods shall be clearly priced and goods sold by weight or number shall indicate the unit of quantity in which they are being offered for sale. A Stall-holder offering a service shall make clear the nature and cost of that service.

5. Quality of goods is the sole responsibility of the Stall-holder. The event organisers cannot in any way be responsible for defective goods sold at the Street Market.

6. Stall-holders selling food products shall comply with the provisions of the Food Hygiene (Market Stall and Delivery Vehicles) Regulations 1966, the Food Safety Act1990 and Regulations made thereunder.

7. Stalls used for cooking must be adequately ventilated. All staff must have attended, as a minimum, Level 1 Food Hygiene training within the past 5 years. Evidence of Food Hygiene training must be available for examination by the Event Manager at any time when the unit is trading.

8. Goods may not be of an inflammable, corrosive or otherwise dangerous nature.

9. Stall-holders and their assistants employed by them shall ensure the public are treated fairly and with courtesy at all times.

Site Conditions

10. Vehicles shall only be used for unloading and re-loading before 9.30am and after 5.00pm in West Street. Once any vehicles have been unloaded, they shall be removed from West Street immediately. There will be access into the site from 7.00am.

11. A one-way timed system of arrival, dropping off and removal to the car parks will be in place. See the accompanying letter for full details. Stall-holders shall comply with their advised arrival time.

12. Parking for Stall-holders will be available at Kingsmead School (preferred), Croft Way and North Street Car Parks. Stewards will be on hand to organise parking and give directions.

13. Stall-holders shall ensure that their stand is safely and securely erected.

14. Stall-holders shall ensure that the area around their pitch is free from trip hazards and all goods are displayed in a secure manner.

15. Umbrellas provided by the event organiser shall not be moved or tampered with in any
way. Stall-holders shall provide their own tables, chairs etc.

16. Any damage to Stall-holders’ own stands shall not be the responsibility of the event organisers.

17. Stall-holders shall not make any excavations or alterations of any description to the surface of the land or adjacent buildings, or place or fix equipment of any description in the said surface except with the previous consent from the Event Manager.

18. Stall-holders shall make such provision as is necessary to prevent any discharge of water or effluent from the trading activity to any surface drainage or any other watercourse.

19. Fabrics or other sheet materials used in the construction of the stalls, roof coverings, drapes or awnings shall be rendered flame retardant.

20. No heat producing equipment shall be used without the express permission of the Event Manager and any such equipment shall be so placed within the trading areas to offer maximum safety to the public. The position of such equipment in relation to other goods or materials shall be agreed beforehand with the Event Manager.

21. Liquefied Petroleum Gas shall not be used without the express permission of the Event Manager and any equipment using this gas shall have only flexible and approved armoured hoses complying with the relevant British Standard Specification or equivalent.

22. No mobile generators shall be used without the express permission of the Event Manager.

23. All electrical cables or flexes which are suspended over the public footway or carriageway shall be adequately supported.

24. All electrical cables or flexes which run along the ground, and are in a position where the public could come into contact with them, shall be fitted with rubber cable protecting mats.

25. All Stall-holders using any form of power shall have a minimum of a one-litre fire extinguisher.

26. Stall-holders shall commence trading, with their stalls in position and goods contained within the allocated pitch area, by 10.00am. Packing up must not commence before 4.30pm. No vehicles are allowed into West Street between 10.00am and 5.00pm without special authorisation in writing from the Event Manager.

27. In the event of inclement weather the Stall-holders shall abide by any decision made by the event organisers to dismantle any stands as necessary.

28. Stall-holders shall not use or permit to be used on the pitch area or within the immediate vicinity any radio, cassette or CD players or other equipment or apparatus to produce music or other sound.

29. Stall-holders shall ensure that their cash and other valuables are stored safely and securely to minimise risk of theft/loss. In the event of theft/loss, police must be informed and any confrontation that could trigger an aggressive response must be avoided.

30. Stall-holders shall be responsible for cleansing their pitch area and ensuring that all refuse arising as a result of the activities of the Stall-holder is placed in suitable covered containers provided by the Stall-holder. Such refuse containers shall be kept as clean as is reasonably possible and REMOVED BY THE STALL-HOLDER at the end of the event. STALL-HOLDERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR REMOVING ALL RUBBISH ASSOCIATED WITH THEIR ACTIVITY. NO RUBBISH MAY BE LEFT ON THE STREET OR ANY OTHER SITE.

31. A basic First Aid kit is available within the Community Office situated in The Square, and First Response first-aiders will be available throughout the day.

32. Stallholders shall provide sanitiser on their stall. They are also asked to provide anti-bac wipes to clean down surfaces and items which may have been handled throughout the day by visitors.

33. Public toilets are situated in North Street, around the corner from The White Hart Hotel. There are also toilets available in the Community Centre behind West Street.

Contact Details

Community Office The Square Wiveliscombe Somerset TA4 2JT

01984 624777